Opening Day!

Hello!!!  WE are so excited to have you!  Thank you for stopping by Spruce & Sparrow!  

It is officially our opening day!  We have been planning, and working our booties off for quite some time, and we are thrilled that this day is finally here.

So sit back, relax, and feel free to get some shopping done!

We thought we would introduce ourselves and tell you a little about how Spruce & Sparrow came to be.

First off, we are Ashly & Amy.  We have been friends for 15 years and have seen each other through a lot of life changes.  The good, bad, ugly, and FUN.  Amy lives in Missouri and I live in Utah.  We are both married and have two children.  We also love fashion and online shopping!  

Amy and I would often chat on the phone and talk about how we both wanted to create something or start a business.  We would bounce ideas off of each other and just share our dreams with one another.  Through all of this, the idea of Spruce & Sparrow was created, and we decided it would be even more fun to do it together.

Thank you for stopping by and hanging out for a bit!


Ashly & Amy  


summer 2006

summer 2016